43 | Grief And Suicide

Today we dive into the topics of grief and suicide with a new perspective on them   Join Xane Daniel and Monika Kupiec as they tap into universal know...View Details

42 | Living In The Now

Today we chat about ways to live more presently, fragments of time and our experiences of what living in the present time means.   Join Xane Daniel an...View Details

41 | Who Am I?

Who am I?  Join Xane Daniel and Monika Kupiec as they tap into universal knowledge and share those truths of the universe -- which you actually alread...View Details

40 | Happily Ever After

Today Xane and Monika get on the topic of turning judgment into curiosity. Symbolism with movies, music and living in the present moment are intertwin...View Details

Increasing Self Awareness on REMEMBERING OUR ONENESS - What can we do to increase our self-awareness, and what benefits can it provide? Find out in th...View Details

Today Xane has a big, lovely surprise announcement that stirs up the conversation about 4D romantic relationships. Topics expand with unconditional lo...View Details

Today we talk about Spiritual Gifts, How to discover them, how to use them, how to enhance them! You may have had a spiritual gift when you were young...View Details

36 | How To Love Your Ego

Today we talk about using the ego to have more self awareness of the physical body as well as concepts of grounding and unconditional love.   Join Xan...View Details

A topic both we aren't too clear on is the concept of Shadow Work. Today we take on our perspectives of it as well as overthinking!   Join Xane Daniel...View Details

We all judge, it is not doubt a part of being a human. Today Monika and Xane talk about accepting judgment on others and yourself. Learn to know you w...View Details

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